For All Your High Performance Needs

For All Your High Performance Needs

SB Chevy 350 Victor Reinz Nitroseal Head Gasket .025 Thick CCO 4.100 (1 Per Pack)

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Nitroseal by Victor Reinz is a proven performance cylinder head gasket. Nitroseal performancecylinder head gaskets are composed of 100% graphite facing material combined with a perforated steel core and stainlesssteel combustion flanges. The graphite facing material can withstand the motion of the cylinder head and block and theheat experienced in a performance engine. 
The graphite facing material also has a unique property referred to as 'thermal conductivity'.That means the material actually transfers heat away form the heat source. One good example of this is the Small BlockChevrolet. The back to back exhaust valves on the engine tend to create a lot of heat, often resulting in a burnt gasket.the Nitroseal performance cylinder head gasket allows the heat to move away from the hot spot to the coolant holes ofthe gasket, preventing gasket burnout.
Nitroseal gaskets are the perfect choice for moderate performance engines that are naturallyaspirated and are under 12 to 1 compression ratio. For engines using turbochargers, superchargers or nitrous oxide, forthese applications we recommend the Victor Reinz Solicor performance head gasket or the MLS multi layer steel gasket.

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SKU 5746
Manufacturer Victor Reinz
Vehicle Make Chevy
Fuel Type Gas
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